Notarize API for Partners


Complete more transactions and reduce execution time by making Notarize a part of your transaction workflow. Notarize API for Partners allows you to integrate remote online notarization into your existing technology solution by pushing customized documents into our platform, sending the package to the signor, and pulling the completed documents back for storage.


Your Notarize partner manager will supply you with instructions to retrieve the API key in our “Fairfax'' environment in order to begin testing the API, upon execution of the NDA and Evaluation Agreement. You will receive a second API key once in Production.

For more information on authentication and using our API Key, see our page here

Quick Start

  1. Create Notarization Transaction - A transaction is a record of a document or group of documents to be signed. This is required to begin the notarize workflow

  2. Add Documents - Upload documents to a created transaction, documents uploaded with this endpoint will be presented to the signer (and notary), during the session. Documents should be prefilled with signature designations, see these options for tagging documents:


Use this PDF Example, if needed, for testing your document package.

  1. Check Document State
    Before submitting the transaction to signer, verify that each document added to the transaction was successfully uploaded. The processing_state returned from this call will be marked as 'done' once the upload is completed successfully and 'error' if there was a problem with the upload. Notarize recommends checking the document status every 3 seconds.

  2. Send to Signer - Send the transaction to the signer via email or SMS text message
    Use webhooks to track status changes and monitor the transaction
    Alternatively, a transaction and its current status can be retrieved

  3. Retrieve the signed documents - Optional step to pull completed document into your database for storage or vault access
    Returns a link to the document