Add eNote

This method will add an eNote document to a transaction if the transaction is in the “started” state.

An eNote can be added to a transaction in one of two ways. Either full eNote can be added, or an eNote schema file (in accordance with the schema definition found here) can be added which Proof then uses to generate a full eNote.

The Proof for Mortgage API accepts two eNote file types when creating an eNote document.

We are able to create an eNote Document from:

  1. MISMO SMART_DOCUMENT XML (eNote XML). An example of this can be found here.
    These SmartDocs are based on the SmartDoc Template XML (the XML Schema Definition can be found here)

  2. We are also able to create an eNote from a "seed" XML file. Proof will use this file to generate a MISMO SmartDoc. An example of a seed file for a two signer transaction can be found here.

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