Create Transaction

This endpoint creates and responds with a transaction and by default triggers our standard notarization workflow, sending an email to the customer requesting them to complete the transaction. If the customer's phone number is supplied, an SMS will also be sent. To create a transaction in draft state (i.e. transaction is in started state), so it can be modified before sending, set the draft attribute to true. Draft transactions will need to be activated by calling the notarization_ready endpoint to trigger the notarization workflow. Read more about transactions here.

The notarization workflow that gets triggered on activation is described below:

  • The sender will receive an email inviting them to notarize the document. This email will include any text in the message field. If the customer's phone number is supplied, an SMS will also be sent (it will not include text from the message field). This step is skipped if suppress_email is set to true.
  • The signer will complete the notarization process using the Proof web or mobile signer apps.
  • Once the notarization is complete, the status of the transaction will be set to completed and the notarization record will become available.



A common alternative use case to creating a transaction using the Business API is using EasyLink instead. The two methods share many of the same parameters.

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