Transactions Overview

The Proof ecosystem is centered around transactions. A transaction is simply a request for a signature(s) on a document. Proof transactions take on the following general lifecycle:

Create Transaction

Your team can manually create transactions from your account out of the box, or you can even allow your signers to self-initiate transactions via EasyLink. Ultimately, the API is the most efficient way to create transactions at scale.

At this stage, you will also upload documents and tag them.

Send to Signer

The signer will receive an email from Proof to complete their documents, or will be provided an access link elsewhere. If an SMS number is provided, they'll receive an SMS message too.

Sign Documents

The signer will complete identity verification steps and meet with a notary (if applicable), and then sign and complete their documents.

Quickstart Guides

The Proof API allows you to automate transaction creation, monitor the status of transactions, and retrieve completed documents for downstream processing. See our quickstart guides for the Business API, Real Estate API, and eSign transactions to get started.

Looking for a no-code solution for transaction creation? A one-stop shop for your signers to sign documents and send them back to your business? Look no further than EasyLink.

Transaction Data

You can retrieve plenty of useful information about your transactions, signers, and documents via the API. See the transaction object for more details.

What’s Next

Get started implementing your own transactions.