API Key Settings

If you'd like to standardize your API Key use cases and enforce certain transaction settings, you have the option to lock several request parameters and customizations at the API key level.

On the API Keys page, by clicking the Settings icon on a given API key, you can manage several settings at the API key level:


If the caller attempts to override a locked value, they will receive a 422 error:

    "errors": [
        "Cannot override default value for transaction_name"

The following settings can be locked at the API key level:

This lets you decide how transactions created with this API key will be paid for upon completion. There are three options you can lock for payer at the API key level:

  • Invoice: After a transaction is complete, the transaction cost will be added to your organization's monthly invoice. To set your organization to pay-by-invoice, reach out to [email protected], or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  • Signer: Your signers will be prompted to pay upon transaction completion.
  • Your Organization: Your organization credit card will be charged. To set your organization to pay via credit card, reach out to [email protected], or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Default Document Requirement
Lets you set a default completion requirement for transactions created with your API key. Read more about Document Requirements.

Redirect Info
Use this API key setting to configure a redirect URL for your signers upon transaction completion. Read more about Post-signing Redirects.

allow_signer_annotations (boolean)
When set to true, allows your signers are allowed to modify documents prior to meeting with the notary. Default true.

require_secondary_photo_id (boolean)
When set to true, requires your signer to provide a secondary form of photo ID. Default false.

external_id (string)
String value to denote any form of internal tracking/labeling of transactions.

transaction_type (string)
Business: any short, human-readable name for the transaction - eg. Miguel's TPS notarization for Leeroy. Defaults to Untitled Transaction.

Real Estate: one of the pre-defined Real Estate Transaction Types.

transaction_name (string)
Short, human-readable description of the transaction. Can be used to categorize transactions by their purpose or by general type — e.g. Account Opening or Power of Attorney.

Only applicable for Trusts and Wills. Routes the document to a Florida or Nevada notary, since those states are legally allowed to Proof trusts & wills.