Tracking Transaction Status

Tracking the current status of a Proof transaction is as easy as referencing the detailed_status field on the transaction object. Proof will notify you of most status changes through our webhooks, but you can also poll for the current detailed_status by calling the GET Transaction endpoint.


Transaction Status Sequences

Transaction detailed_status values are listed below in the rough order that they occur over a normal transaction lifecycle. A given transaction will not use all the status values listed due to the presence of product-specific statuses. Transactions may skip statuses in the sequence listed below for a number of reasons.

draftTransaction was created and all fields can be edited
activeTransaction is ready to be signed and transaction access links have been activated. Only appears when Proof emails have been suppressed.
sent_to_title_agentFor lenders using collaborative transactions, the transaction has been shared with the title agent. The title agent has been notified that the transaction is ready for their documents.
order_placedThe transaction has been sent to Proof Closing Operations (only applicable to real estate organizations using Proof Closing Operations).
sent_to_signerTransaction is ready to be signed and Proof has sent them the transaction invitation email (and SMS if phone number included in signer object).
recalledTransaction was recalled to draft status and all fields can now be edited. Real Estate only.
viewedSigner has viewed the transaction but not yet started signing. The transaction can be recalled if changes are required.
meeting_in_progressA meeting is currently in progress for this transaction.
attemptedFor a notarization, signer entered the notary meeting but the meeting was ended before the signing was complete. For an eSign, signer began the signing flow but did not complete the document.
partially_completeFor multi-signer transactions, at least one signer has completed their requirements.
completeTransaction is complete and all documents are signed
complete_with_rejectionsTransaction is complete, however some documents were rejected in-meeting by the notary. Real estate customers should create a new transaction of type "trailing_docs" with corrected documents.
esign_completeFor hybrid transactions, the e-sign portion of the signing is complete.
wet_sign_completeFor hybrid transactions, the wet-sign portion of the signing is complete. Wet-signed documents have been uploaded to Proof.
awaiting_paymentThe transaction is complete but has not been paid for. Documents will not be released until the document has been paid for.
expiredThe signing window passed before the transaction was completed.