To access the Proof Business or Real Estate APIs, you'll need an API key. Once you create an API key, simply include it as the ApiKey header in your requests (case-sensitive).


Creating a Production API Key

API Keys can be created instantly from Settings >> API Keys in your Business Account.

If you're unable to find API key settings in your account, you may need to upgrade your plan. Reach out to [email protected], or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Creating a Fairfax (Test) API Key

Follow the same instructions for creating a production API key, but in your Fairfax account. To gain access to our Fairfax environment, contact [email protected], or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Types of API Keys

  • Full Access: lets the caller create, update, and delete transactions. Meant to be secret and for internal code usage only.
  • Client Only: only lets the caller create transactions. Intended for usage in client-facing applications, and thus can be freely exposed. EasyLinks are centered on Client-Only API Keys.