Document Bundles

A document bundle is set of all documents in a transaction. Each document in a document bundle has an associated bundle_position, which simply refers to the position of the document in the bundle. bundle_position is indexed by 0. During the signing process, the documents in a transaction will be presented to the signer in order of incresaing bundle_position, i.e. document of bundle_position=0 will be presented first, document of bundle_position=1 will be presented second, etc.

By default, when you call the Add Document endpoint, documents will be placed at the very last position in the document bundle. However, document order could be important depending on the nature of the transaction. For example, for a home closing, there might be certain documents you prefer to present at the start and end the closing ceremony. Depending on the integration, you may want to account for possible reordering of documents prior to sending the transaction off to the signer.

There are a couple different tricks you can utilize to handle document order in transactions via API: reordering documents and inserting documents at a given bundle position.

Inserting Into a Document Bundle

Maybe an end-user of yours wants to add a new document to the transaction, but you'd like to present it at the very beginning of the signing session. Our guide on inserting documents at a given bundle_position shows you how to specify the preferred bundle_position of the document at the time of calling the Add Document endpoint.

Reordering Documents

Perhaps you are integrating your own transaction creation tool with the Proof API, and a user wants to use your tool to reorder the documents by dragging and dropping. Our guide on reordering documents shows you how to submit a new preferred sequence of documents in a transaction via API.