There are two runtime environments which you can build your Proof integration against: Fairfax and Production.

Fairfax (Test)

Endpoint URL: https://api.fairfax.proof.com/

Named after our first notary office in Fairfax, VA, Fairfax is the Proof QA environment and serves as a developer sandbox. You can create and complete test transactions in Fairfax without incurring any charges. To get setup with a Fairfax account, contact [email protected], or your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Fairfax accounts require an API Key created in your Fairfax account - production API keys won't work.

If you’d like to complete transactions in Fairfax for testing purposes, you’ll need an In-House Notary (IHN) profile in your account. See our guide on setting up a test IHN profile to complete transactions.


Endpoint URL: https://api.proof.com/

Transactions created in your production account will be charged according to your pricing plan. See our pricing page for more details, or contact our support team for further questions about pricing.

You CANNOT send test documents for notarization in Production, unless your production organization is configured to use In-house notaries (IHN). Notaries can only apply their seals on real legal documents.