Secure Document Distribution

What is Secure Document Distribution?

With the secure document distribution flow enabled, all endpoints that return a document/image asset (final_document_url, audit_trail_url, etc) will use a new format for retrieving these documents. By default, documents are currently retrieved via a presigned AWS S3 URL ( such as, and when visited in your browser will render your document for as long as the link remains valid.

The new URL uses an updated format:<doc_id>. This new URL is an authenticated endpoint to which you need to make a GET request to retrieve your document. You must include your API key in the ApiKey header value as usual when making the request to this endpoint, at which point the PDF bytes will be streamed back.

How to Enable Secure Document Distribution

Please contact Proof support ([email protected]) or reach out to your dedicated Solutions Engineer to enable this setting. Once that is done, you must pass the query param document_url_version=v2 to any endpoints that support it. Note that both documents (PDFs) and photo identifications (ID pictures) can be returned as “Secure Assets” using the same query parameter document_url_version=v2.

Operations accepting the document_url_version query parameter: