In House Notary (IHN) Profile Setup

You can set up an In House Notary account in the Fairfax environment in order to perform an end-to-end workflow for testing. The following steps will walk you through this setup and how to perform an end-to-end test.

In House Notary Setup

Before beginning, ensure that your Customer Success Manager has turned on In House Notaries for your organization in Fairfax. Once turned on, your organization admin can invite a notary by going to Team Members > Invite New > and selecting "Yes" for "Will this person notarize documents?". Select Virginia for the state. Since this is just a test notary account, you can send the invite to whichever email you'd like to create the notary account for.

Find the invitation in your email inbox and begin the sign up process, following the steps below.

Personal Info Tab

  1. First Name: Any First Name
  2. Last Name: Any Last Name
  3. Email: Email of whoever will use the test notary account
  4. Phone Number: 4049848984
  5. Address: 123 Proof Street, Fairfax, VA 22030
  6. Time Zone: Any Time Zone
  7. Are you a licensed attorney?: No

Commission Details

  1. Commission Number: [Your company name] - [Last 5 digits of your phone number]
    1. Example: Proof - 12345
  2. Commisson Expiration Date: Any Future Date
  3. Upload a copy of your traditional commission: Use this document

Insurance Details

  1. E&O Insurance Provider: Passel Ins
  2. Insurance Amount: 54321
  3. Policy Expiration Date: January 1, 2026
  4. Upload a copy of your E&O Policy: Use this document

Digital Certificate

  1. Upload IdenTrust signing certificate: use this certificate
  2. Digital Certificate Password when prompted: meowmix

Signature and Seal

  1. Create Signature
    1. Upload this image
  2. Create Initials
    1. Upload this image
  3. Create Seal: Choose Confirm and Apply

Finishing Up

Once you've completed the steps above, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get your new test Notary account approved and activated.