Notarization Process

To complete a notarization transaction, a signer will go through the following steps:

  1. Create Account: once the signer clicks the link in their email invitation, they'll be prompted to create an account with Proof to proceed, using the email address you sent the documents to.
  2. Review Documents: the signer will have the chance to review their documents, and edit them (if applicable), prior to meeting with a notary.
  3. Identity Verification: the signer will be asked to confirm their birth date and SSN.
  4. Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA): the signer will take a short quiz with questions based on information associated with their SSN (i.e. loans, past homes, vehicles, etc.)
  5. Credential Analysis: the signer will upload a picture of their license.
  6. Notary Meeting: once a notary accepts the signer, they'll meet with the notary, at which point the notary will validate the signer's ID and allow them to complete their documents.

Notarization Records

Once a notary meeting is complete, you can retrieve information about the notary, the meeting, as well as the notary meeting video, either via UI or API. See our guide on Notarization Records for more info.

Notary Notes

Either at the account level or the transaction level, you may provide notes to inform the notary of anything specific to your documents, such as to leave certain fields blank, terminate meetings that don't meet certain requirements, etc. See notary notes guide for more info.